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“My favorite thing about Goose Hollow is eating the dinners. The volunteers are so helpful and nice, and the food is so good…so much so that I’ve even put on weight! But it’s worth it ‘cause I feel supported here.”

-Alea, guest in 2010

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Thirteen Salmon Family Center

The Thirteen Salmon Family Center is a day shelter for the families that are staying at the Goose Hollow Family Shelter. Guests from Common Cup are also welcome to enjoy day services at Thirteen Salmon.

Kid at 13Salmon Thirteen Salmon is open from 8am-6pm and offers the following services to our families:

  • A safe, warm space to hang out during the day as a family
  • Access to computers and telephones
  • Lunch and morning/afternoon snacks each day
  • Enrichment activities for the children in the morning and the afternoon
  • Showers and toiletries
  • Mats & blankets for naps or relaxing
  • A baby area with a crib, bassinette, changing table, etc.
  • Meetings with a Housing Specialist to help families find permanent housing and transition into self-sufficiency
  • Life Lab classes such as Rent Well, resume building & interview skills, parenting, eating healthy on a budget, interpersonal communication, etc.

Thirteen Salmon also utilizes a number of volunteers each day to provide services to families.  To learn more about volunteer opportunities click here.

Thirteen Salmon is located at the First Unitarian Church of Portland on the corner of SW 13 and Salmon. The shelter opened its doors for the first time on November 2, 2009, and we are thrilled with the impact that this day shelter has had on the families that stay at the Goose Hollow Family Shelter. It has given the families a safe and secure place to be during the day to accomplish their work, and this has resulted in “moms being moms again” - families routinely take better care of their children, are more apt to help clean up and care for the shelter, and are more likely to get housing - and fast.


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