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“Everyone at PHFS is awesome! Except for the homeless part I am going to miss all of the people that helped me!”

Rebecca March 2011

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PHFS: Services

We help homeless families with children get back into permanent housing and learn new life skills to help them stay there. We provide mobile housing specialist case management services. This means that our staff meets families where it is convenient for them, and staff is able to go around with the families to support them at housing appointments, job interviews, social service agencies, and community connection opportunities.

We help about 250 homeless families with children get back into permanent housing each year. About half of the families we serve also live in our shelters, the Goose Hollow Family Shelter and the Thirteen Salmon Family Center.

Our method of service delivery is based on the following evidence-based practices:

  • Assertive Engagement
  • Trauma Informed Care
  • Rapid Re-Housing
  • Time Limited Case Management
  • Harm Reduction

  • The way that we are able to help so many families change their lives is by providing a great deal of support and empowerment to the families that we serve. All of the families at PHFS meet weekly with a Housing Specialist Case Manager to help them create a Sustainability Action plan and find permanent housing. The Action Plans include goals like finding better jobs, locating volunteer opportunities to connect families to a social community, referrals to social service agencies, and other goals that will help increase the long-term sustainability of a family to get and retain permanent housing. To support the work that our Case Managers do, we also offer between 3-5 Life Skills classes each week.

    Mary Case Manager
    Once families move out of shelter and into permanent housing, we work with them for 6-9 months to provide support so that they can retain the housing that they have just moved into. We utilize professional case management staff as well as over 120 volunteers to help the families continue to achieve the goals they set for themselves on their Sustainability Action plans. We also work with families to connect them to their new communities so that when our support is over, they have long-term community ties on which to rely. We help families get connected in their local schools, libraries, community centers, support groups, and social groups.

    Our model of service delivery is unique because we realize that it truly does take a village, and we try to utilize our village of volunteers, donors, the faith community, local government, and the community as a whole to provide the most compassionate, supportive, and empowering services to the families that we serve.
    Volunteer Photo
    Between the two shelters, we utilize a minimum of 8 volunteers each day to offer support and assistance to the families we work with. Our volunteers provide a constant source of inspiration and compassion to our families. Our volunteers have an opportunity to work closely with and really get to know the families that stay with us, and the volunteers are able to offer a listening ear, support, and encouragement to our families each and every day. When families move out, they often say that it was the kind words of the volunteers and their enduring encouragement that has helped them find the strength to get permanent housing.


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