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“When can we come back to volunteer? We - me and the kids - want to give back to the shelter because you have helped us so much.

Tabitha, guest in 2009

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Donate Your Car to Us

If you have a car that you are looking to get rid of, consider donating it so that Portland Homeless Family Solutions may receive the proceeds from your car donation and so that you can receive a tax write-off for the value of your car! By donating your vehicle, you will save yourself the hassle and expense of selling your vehicle. At the same time, you will be supporting a cause that you believe in.

PHFS is partnering with the Volunteers of America Oregon so that you can donate your used vehicles to us. All donated vehicles are evaluated by Volunteers of America Oregon mechanics, and management determines how to achieve the highest sale price possible, both for the donor and our local human service programs. Some vehicles may be sold to low income individuals; others may be sold via internet ads or auctions. The Vehicle Donation Program was started in 1991, and the Volunteers of America Oregon team is qualified and knowledgeable in all DMV title procedures.

You can view the Charity Connections Brochure here to find out more about donating your vehicle to us.

If you decide to take the plunge and donate your vehicle to PHFS, click the button below!
Charity Connections Link!


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